Eveliina Hartikainen was born 1980 in Finland. She lives and works in London and Helsinki.

Her works are three-dimensional oil paintings on canvas. They combine two differing applications of textile technology and painting method. Her artworks don’t have secure dimensions. They are observations of lived space experiences, in their complicity of emotional and intuitional aspects; this is one reason why they sometimes have elements of a haptic nature.

"The shaping of the canvas is improvisational act. I never know where does it goes, even if I have clear idea before I start. For me this process illustrates metaphorically the wildness of nature and its unexpected side. The textile is vulnerable and it breaks easily but it is also able to be fixed. All my acts leave marks and in that sense constant alterations are happening, just like outside in the real world. After that I paint or spray the material. It is more a deliberate act and I feel it describes more the manmade environment."


A unique clothing label: Hardi.